For The Love of A Son


From the time she was a little girl, Maryam rebelled against the terrible second-class existence that was her destiny as an Afghan woman.

She had witnessed the miserable fate of her grandmother and three aunts, and wished she had been born a boy. As a feisty teenager in Kabul, Maryam was outraged when the Russians invaded her country. After making a public show of defiance, she had to flee the country for her life.

A new life of freedom seemed within a gasp, but her father arranged a traditional marriage to a fellow Afghan, who turned out to be a violent man. beaten, raped and abused. Maryam found a joy in the birth of a baby son. But then her brutal husband stole him away beyond his mother’s reach. For many long years she searched for her lost son, while civil war and Taliban oppression raged back home in Afghanistan.

-Synopsis taken from the back of the book-

Sob..sob.. baru habis baca, tak habis sedih lagi ni! :'(. Sedihnye la buku ni… sebab ia adalah true story, berakhir dengan kesedihan bukan happy ending. Saya dah baca banyak buku Jean Sasson, tapi inilah yang paling sedih! First buku saya baca bertajuk Princess. Lepas tu terus jatuh cinta dengan buku-buku dia. Kepada yang berminat, sila la dapatkan buku ini. Kat MPH saya pernah nampak. Murah je, dalam RM40-RM45 kot. Selamat membaca!


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      • aku baru beli mayada jer…igt nak beli sekali yg ni…tp takut tak sempat nak baca nnt laki aku marah…yang princess tu aku baca kazen aku punya…tp nak kumpul semua tulisan die…best…

  1. Kalau kite dekat aku bagi ko baca buku-buku yang lain. Aku pun nak kumpul semua buku Jean Sasson. Aku memang minat baca kisah-kisah orang kat negara-negara macamni. Khaled Hosseini’s pun aku baca gak. Sekarang tengah baca Greg Mortenson’s. Kisah dia nak bina sekolah kat Afghanistan & Pakistan.

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